Monday, May 10, 2010

National Train Day this past Saturday

Had the pleasure of attending and participating in the National Train Day program at Union Station in New Haven this past Saturday. This was one of hundreds of events that took place across the United States in celebration of the country's rail heritage and to help promote the rebirth of rail. The event was very well done in the west lobby of Union Station and four of the state's gubernatorial candidates were in attendance as speakers as well. Dan Malloy and Ned Lamont from the Democrat side and Oz Griebel and Larry DeNardis from the Republican side. In fact Ned traveled to the event by train. As expected all four were very supportive of the idea of enhancing rail service, both passenger and freight in Connecticut and the Northeast.

Rail, without question is experiencing a rebirth in this country. Not only is the current administration in Washington looking to invest but the private sector lead by Warren Buffet has made no secret of their intentions to invest in and grow the rail business. All good outcomes for us. We just need to move CONN DOT along faster and get them to understand that not every project we do has to have rubber wheels.

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