Monday, March 15, 2010

Bill 63 - Paid Sick Leave

This is bill is back again from last year. The state senate correctly never brought this bill to a vote last year and hopefully the senate will recognize that this bill will do nothing but make our anemic jobs situation in the state only worse and will table it once again.

That said the bill did pass through the Labor & Public Employees Committee (6 to 4 vote)and will now most likely move to the Judiciary Committee. We’re told the emphasis of the bill is a public health issue to avoid those who work in food services (restaurants, etc.) to not come to work when they are ill because they are either hourly employees or their employers lacks a documented sick day policy.

Track the bill at:

So employers what do you think?


Alice said...

Let's hope they table it!
With the economic situation already taking its toll on small businesses, we can't afford to have more expenses thrown into our laps.

Paid Sick Leave is making me ill!

Alice Pecora, Physical Therapy and Massage of CT, LLC

Jill Fitzgerald said...

When this bill was being debated last year, I was strongly against it. To make paid sick leave mandatory compromises the financial strength of businesses and forces another entitlement. Once the paid sick leave is on the books, employees will feel entitled to take the time. I am much more for businesses having the freedom to make their own employee benefit package and employees having the option of choosing who they want to work for. I do bookkeeping for many different businesses and these business owners are already hard-pressed to stay profitable.