Friday, March 19, 2010

Congratulations to the Interservice Council Awards Dinner Winners

It’s that time of year again when the Chamber assists with the annual Interservice Club Council awards dinner. This year was the 31st annual dinner and it was held on St. Patrick’s Day (the 17th) at Nuchies.

Before I congratulate the winners, on behalf of the Chamber and the all of the organizations involved I like to thank Mayor Ward for attending the dinner; Whit Betts for doing a great job as the chair of this year’s event; and, Minister Kristen Kleiman of the First Congregational Church of Bristol for providing the invocation.

I also want to thank Linda DiMatteo from our staff here at the Chamber for handling the heavy lifting in the background. And of course staff member Joyce Lukasewski for event night support and as always, our volunteer photographer Ed (Digital Ed) Pelkey.

Here are the clubs and organizations that participated this year along with their individual winners. When you see these folks in the community please be sure to say thank you for their dedication and unselfish commitment to their organizations and the community. We are better for their efforts.

Bart Barnes Rotarian of the Year - Terry Pelletier
Quotarian of the Year - Diane Ashworth
Exchangite of the Year - Gerald Blanchette
Bristol Woman of the Year - Irene Taylor
Kiwanian of the Year - Jim Mascaro
Unican of the Year - Tim Rosetti
Lion of the Year - George Rindfleisch

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